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Diana Mesa, founder of En La Mesa Nutrition, is a bilingual Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist providing culturally inclusive care and content in Miami, Florida.

En La Mesa Nutrition is a virtual private practice serving over 27 states where Diana offers culturally inclusive care to people from diverse backgrounds with diabetes,  PCOS, disordered eating, eating disorders, and many other chronic conditions. Diana is a weight inclusive dietitian and uses a non-diet approach to help you connect with your intuitive eater and apply mindfulness to your relationship with food and body while enjoying the cultural foods you grew up eating. She focuses on helping you build health-supporting habits instead of focusing on the number on the scale. Look no further if you are looking to ditch the dieting and find food freedom and peace. Similarly, if you want to facilitate an immersive health experience for your workplace, Diana can customize workshops and cooking demos to fit your needs.

In her consulting work, Diana has significantly contributed to the service design, development, execution, and management of in-person and digital chronic disease management and coaching programs from a nutrition and health equity lens. She creates patient-facing content and facilitates trainings for health professionals on nutrition, diabetes, person-centered care, and culturally responsive nutrition.

Diana is also a sought-after subject matter expert featured in media outlets such as Telemundo, Today's Dietitian, and Women's Health, to name a few. She is a published author, public speaker, and budding chef who regularly develops recipes and takes editorial photos of the final product, which tends to be delicious!

¡Diana es bilingüe y te puede ayudar realizar tus metas en español!

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Hear what clients are saying!

Diana is truly the best! I was searching for a nutritionist who understands cultural and environmental factors and how they influence my PCOS/blood sugar struggles. The time I've spent with her has been invaluable- from nutrition education to meal planning to practical tips on grocery shopping, I now feel better equipped and have lost 15 lbs as a result. My energy, mood, skin, and concentration have improved drastically. Thank you so much, Diana!


Diana has forever changed the way we view food and health. Through her patience and care our one-on-one sessions lifted the veil on a lifetime of misinfomation and cultural myths surrounding our Latin cuisine. Diana's sincerity, insight, and professionalism allowed us to feel comfortable and understand moderation, portion control, and listening to our intuitive eater. I truly recommend En La Mesa Nutrition to anyone who's ready to take ownership of their health and move towards a better version of themselves.



This 90 day nutrition program has taught me so many new things about food, how important it is to take care of yourself, and to eat what makes you feel good. Learning how to make a balanced meal has been very helpful because I didn't grow up with these habits. My relationship with food is pretty solid now compared to when I first started the program. I feel more in control of my body and I get to decide what I want to eat without feeling guilty. Also, Diana's support has strengthened my love for cooking.


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